SmartPhones can effect your brain/Smart Phone effects/ mobile brain effect

Smart phone can effect your chemical balance of brain.

 Today we can find many peoples using smart phones each and every time it doesn't matter whether it may while driving, eating, walking, and even at their work place, now a days a phone is not only a phone for communication purpose but it is more than a necessity, but finally this news is for those who loves their smart phones.
    it has been came to know that after the study conducted by the researchers at korea  university ,that continious use of  mobile devices can effect the chemical balance of the people's brain.
    an experiment led by the Dr. Hyung Suk along with his team , in this experiment they have taken the help of MRS-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy which measures the brain chemical composition.
       they picked up couple of smartphones and internet addicted teenagers to study their brain . in this experiment there were 10 females and 9 males who are not more than 16 years old and from that 19 youths 12 of them are given some cognitive behavioral therapy which has taken place for 9 months. after that researchers used standardized internet and smart phone addiction tests to measure the severity of internet addiction . number of questions were  asked to them to know that how smartphone and internet use affected their brain which concerns with social life, sleeping and feelings.

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