Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a face id similar as iPhone X?? truth revealed.

 Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a face id similar as iPhone X??

 Samsung galaxy S9 face id revealed

face id.

After iPhone X now Samsung could release its new handset Galaxy S9 more earlier than what we have expected,it is expected that it can be possibly unveiled at the (CES-2018) Consumer Electronics Show or it probably couple of months ahead of MWC-2018 Mobile world congress, which may take place in the month of February 2018, report says.

It is also note that Samsung has taken couple of the iPhone X features for the Galaxy S9,on the other hand it did not mention what exactly those features are ,in broader sense we can guess that it may something do concerning over face recognition feature which is also called as  FACE ID in iPhone X.

the source also say's that Galaxy S9 may also install dual camera system which was already introduced by Samsung in its Galaxy note 8 this year.

some sources like ice universe twitted that the galaxy s9 may have  a 3 D sensor front camera.

However,we did not came across any official announcement or news concerning over the korean tech  on galaxy s9. this news can be taken with a pinch of salt for now ,as with many rumor and you may get more rumors from now .

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