Google Offering 1.3Lakhs Scholarship to indian students and Developers in Emerging Technologies.

Now students will get the scholarship from google.

Google scholar search.

Google last year, planned to train around two million developers in India keeping an aim to build a highly skilled tech workforce in India.google search
google offering scholarship

   And now,it has taken a big step. Thursday Google India announced a scholarship program by keeping a partnership with the educational institute 'Udacity' and technology learning program 'Pluralsight' to train nearly one Lakh students and developers across India.in this new scholarship program,Google India planning to help most talented developers to improve their learning on the emerging technologies like machine learning, web developing, Artificial intelligence and cloud computing.
Google under this scholarship programme,  will going to sponsor around 100,000 scholarship on the Pluralsight learning platform and it will sponcor around 30,000 scholarship on udacity program. and from those 30,000 scholarship ,1000 developers will get selected to receive nano degree scholarship too.
and for those, who are interested will also get access to pularsights unique adaptive assessment engine, which will help them to match their unique learning based on their skill level and interest.
learn more about the google scholarship and Apply Here

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